Alex Hughes, HR Officer, Reliance Integrated Services

"I have worked as an HR Officer for my last two previous companies and at both those companies I have had the responsibility of recruiting staff. Knowing Parkside as I do I have made them the Preferred Supplier for both of these companies as I think that their recruiting techniques are second to none. The reason for this is that the consultants that I have worked with are always extremely professional and offer a helpful and friendly service and Parkside takes the time to really understand how our company works, our company’s needs and how their candidates would fit into the company. I have always liked the way they take the time to come and meet our managers to get a better understanding of the vacancy and the team that they would be working in. I would highly recommend Parkside to anyone as their outstanding reputation has been proven to me on many occasions. I have also always found that candidates from Parkside stay within our company and progress with their individual careers."