Account Coordinator




Administration, Sales Administrator


£27,000 to £30,000 Per Annum



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11/03/2020 10:06:00

A very good opportunity to work for our client who has some major accounts.

- Responsible for accounts and the operations team

- Ensure products that are sourced are what the customer has requested for

- Ensure the products sourced fit within the required pricing structure

- Putting together a costing for review, ensuring all costs are added in (testing/tooling) and putting your opinion forward on what you believe is the correct pricing. Please add any other info which is relevant i.e. previous price paid for the same piece type or similar.

- Reviewing customer own branded products are running smoothly and on time. This will involve checking all customer approvals are on track

- Ensure our clients factory audits are up to date

- Ensuring sales team has got all the information in the timely fashion

- Understand different customers rework requirements and establish rework cost

- Meeting Operations team on regular basis to understand their weekly plans, query, questions and support they need.

- Managing Operations team's workload. Identify what needs to be done and assign your team members task to accomplish them

- Ensuring Sales Team are giving us information in the desired format

- Sharing different projects within the team and with sales team for their reference/ idea purpose

- Meeting with other departments to understand to hear their needs/ requirements from operations and provide solutions i.e. Sales Support and Customer Service Team needs to communicate more to talk about manuals, new season, promotions…

- Ensuring the order has been placed as per the forecast and considering there is no current free stock in the business for the same sku

- Advice on testing, warning, and other advise to go on the product

- Responsible to get all the relevant information from Sales Team to process information efficiently and advise sales team quickly

- Ensure information is saved on the server in consistent format and in dedicated folders so that anyone can refer easily

- Maintain manuals for each of their customers (new order checklist, customer portfolio)

- Maintain Customer Terms, promotional commitment, markdown commitment of all the customers and communicate with accounts department to ensure there is no last minute surprises.

- Reworking stock in Far East at first place for all retail customers.

-- Review trade price list ensuring it us up to date

- Ensure trade pricing is workable and consistent

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