Marketing Consultant




Marketing, Marketing Executive


£50,000 to £80,000 Per Annum



Contract Type:

Full time

Date Posted:

05/09/2023 13:49:00

A marketing consultant is required to launch a new fashion brand in the UK, previous fashion experience is required. This role will be initially home based with offices opening in London. Excellent opportunity £50-80Kpa, this could be flexible.

Consumer Research and Insighting:

  • Conduct comprehensive market research to understand consumer preferences, trends, and behaviour in the premium sneakers segment.
  • Gather insights into target audience demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behaviours.
  • Identify gaps in the market and potential opportunities to differentiate the brand.

Positioning Strategy:

  • Develop a clear and compelling brand positioning strategy that resonates with the target audience.
  • Define the brand's unique value proposition and core messaging.
  • Craft a brand narrative that communicates the brand's story, ethos, and values.

Launch Planning:

  • Ideate and strategize the launch plan, including pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities.
  • Oversee planning efforts by collaborating with agencies and internal teams.
  • Develop a metrics framework to track and measure the success of the launch campaign.

Supervise Creative Development:

  • Develop creative briefs that encapsulate the brand essence and objectives.
  • Identify and collaborate with creative agencies to ensure alignment with the brand vision.
  • Oversee creative iterations, providing guidance and feedback to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

Guide Execution Team During Launch + 6 Months:

  • Provide guidance and direction to the execution team during the critical launch phase and the subsequent six months.
  • Ensure that the marketing initiatives align with the brand's positioning and strategic goals.
  • Monitor performance and provide recommendations for adjustments based on real-time data.

Develop Tactical Ideas/Marketing Tech Interventions:

  • Identify opportunities for innovative marketing tactics or technology interventions to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • Propose and develop tactical campaigns that complement the overarching marketing strategy.
  • Leverage marketing technology to optimise campaigns and maximise reach.


  • Consumer insights and analysis report.
  • Brand positioning strategy document.
  • Comprehensive launch plan with timelines and key milestones.
  • Metrics framework for monitoring campaign performance.
  • Creative briefs and agency collaboration documentation.
  • Launch execution guidance and recommendations.
  • Tactical campaign ideas and marketing tech interventions

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