Senior Demand Planner




Operations, Supply Chain Management


£50,000 to £80,000 Per Annum



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Date Posted:

05/09/2023 14:52:00

A Senior Demand Planner is required to launch a new fashion brand in the UK. Previous experience is required, the role will initially be home based with offices opening up in London. £50-80Kpa depending on experience.

Demand Planning for Sneakers:

We are looking for consultants who have a proven track record in demand planning within the fashion or footwear industry. Consultants' expertise will be instrumental in accurately forecasting sneaker demand, optimizing our inventory, and ensuring seamless coordination across our supply chain.

Retail Shop-in-Shop Activation:

Our objective is to forge strong alliances with retail partners who are well-aligned with our brand ethos and can provide a premium platform for showcasing our exclusive sneaker collection. This initiative necessitates consultants with a proven track record in partner identification, collaboration, and effective brand integration.

Scope of Work: Demand Planning for Sneakers and Retail Shop-in-Shop Activation

Demand Planning for Sneakers:

  • Market Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the UK sneaker market, including trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscape.
  • Forecasting: Develop accurate demand forecasts for various sneaker models, sizes, and categories based on historical data, seasonality, and market trends.
  • Inventory Optimization: Implement inventory management strategies to ensure optimal stock levels, reducing excess inventory costs while meeting customer demand.
  • Demand Variability: Develop strategies to handle demand variability, including strategies for limited-edition releases and high-demand periods.
  • Collaboration: Coordinate with internal teams, suppliers, and distribution channels to align demand forecasts and inventory levels effectively.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regularly monitor demand forecast accuracy and make necessary adjustments to enhance overall planning accuracy.

Retail Shop-in-Shop Activation:

  • Partner Identification: Leverage your expertise to identify retail partners who resonate with our brand identity and target audience. These partners should be equipped to provide a premium retail experience that mirrors the essence of our sneaker collection.
  • Strategic Alignment: Collaborate with identified partners to ensure a seamless alignment of brand values, ensuring that the essence of our sneaker collection is effectively conveyed to the customers.
  • Negotiations and Agreements: Utilise your negotiation skills to facilitate mutually beneficial terms with the selected partners. The goal is to establish a strong and sustainable partnership that offers value to both parties.
  • Brand Integration: Strategize and oversee the integration of our brand within the retail partner's space, creating an immersive and compelling environment that captures the essence of our premium sneaker collection.

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