Guiding your professional journey to achievement

Guiding your professional journey to achievement

Hello everyone & welcome to our latest article on career development

To better understand candidates' career development goals, we recently asked what professionals would prioritize for their growth over the next six months. Here's a deeper dive into the results and practical steps on how you can achieve these objectives:

Skill Upgrade in Current Role: 50%

A significant half of the participants are keen on enhancing their skills within their current roles. This suggests a strong desire to not just meet, but to go above and beyond, exceeding the demands of their positions.

How to Achieve This:

Online Learning Platforms - Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning offer a wealth of courses across various disciplines. These platforms are ideal for keeping pace with emerging trends and technologies.

Professional Certifications - Consider obtaining certifications relevant to your field. These can validate your skills and potentially open doors to new opportunities such as a promotion or a new job.

Project-Based Learning - Engage in projects, either through work or as personal initiatives. Platforms like GitHub for coding projects or Kaggle for data science competitions can provide practical experience and enhance your portfolio.

Exploring a New Industry: 26%

Over a quarter of participants are looking to leap into a new industry, indicating a strong appetite for change and learning.

How to Achieve This:

Industry Research - Start with in-depth research into the industry of interest. Understand the key players, trends, and skills required.

Networking - LinkedIn and professional meetups are excellent for connecting with industry insiders. Informational interviews can also provide insider insights and advice.

Skill Bridging - Identify transferable skills and any gaps you might need to fill. Tailored online courses or community college classes can be great ways to bridge these gaps.

Management Training: 10%

A focus on management training underscores a goal among 10% of professionals to ascend to leadership positions within their careers.

How to Achieve This:

Leadership Programs - Many organizations offer leadership development programs. If yours does, express your interest to your HR department. 

Mentorship - Seek out a mentor who is in a leadership position you aspire to. This relationship can offer guidance, advice, and feedback on your leadership journey.

Read Widely - Books on leadership, such as those by Simon Sinek or Brené Brown, can offer valuable perspectives and strategies for effective management.

Relationship Building: 14%

Prioritizing relationship building, 14% of respondents recognize the power of networks in unlocking new opportunities and achieving career growth. Building relationships is a skill that you can readily develop from within your organization. It involves actively connecting with cross-functional teams, and partners, and is also a valuable way to sharpen your ability to develop connections in various environments.

How to Achieve This:

Professional Organizations - Joining professional associations can provide networking opportunities and access to industry events.

Social Media Engagement - Actively participating in relevant LinkedIn groups or Twitter chats can help you build and maintain professional relationships while enhancing your personal brand.

Volunteering - Offering your skills to non-profits or industry associations can expand your network while contributing to a cause you care about.


Setting a clear direction for your professional development is the first step; actively pursuing these goals is where the journey truly begins.

We're here to support you in this journey, offering resources and advice from recruitment experts.