Start Your New Job On The Right Foot:

Start Your New Job On The Right Foot:

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed on your first day at a new job. Here we have advice on how to become a valuable member of the team and impress your employer and colleagues!


Plan your commute well 

Punctuality is essential in any workplace. Showing up early for work will demonstrate professionalism. It exhibits that you are dedicated to the company and can meet deadlines. To avoid being affected by any transport delays you should budget an extra 15 minutes for your commute… just to be safe.


Build relationships 

The quickest way to become more comfortable and increase satisfaction at work is to build healthy relationships with your coworkers. You can start this by introducing yourself to each person during your first week at the job and getting involved in the general office discussions. Additionally, having lunch with your teammates is a good way to get to know their interests hobbies etc. It is also the best way to get to know about office politics and the different personalities. Once you find a "buddy" which will be the go to person they feel confident to speak when they have an issue


Be an apprentice ?

Remember that your manager is not expecting you to know everything within the first few weeks in your new role. Use this time to take everything in, ask questions and show a willingness to learn. The most successful employees are the ones who retain knowledge and apply it well! Preparing a list of questions at the end of the day or week to ask to the person in charge will showcase that you are eager to learn, especially if it's a remote working environment


Take initiative 

Once you understand the business and how they work you need to show that you are able to contribute to their success. Ask questions about past projects and and outcomes, as this inspires for initiative and ideas when you are new. You can also ask for more responsibilities and volunteer to help with tasks. Offering to help without being asked shows that you are a team player.


Ask for feedback 

Feedback is what will help you progress. It is a critical component in improving performance and understanding what you are doing well and what you need improve. Moreover, it demonstrates that you are invested in your future with the company and want to progress. Examples of asking for feedback could be ‘what could I have done to make this better’. Don’t forget criticism helps you grow, so do not take it personally.


Perform to your greatest potential! 

Following all of the above will ensure that you are performing to your greatest potential. Limit distractions such as mobile phones and plan and prioritize your tasks.

Coming into your job with an open mind can make all the difference when talking to your new colleagues and boss.

Everybody has different personalities and ways of adapting  therefore, keeping an open when meeting new colleagues will help you start your job on the right foot!